Падме Амидала

 * * *

I feel you
Standing beside me,
But deep inside, my heart cries.

Now I'm burided
Deep within secrets and lies.

But I can't hide the truth any longer.
Leaving you takes all my strength.
But holding you is making me stronger.
Sorrow is love's sweet lament.

The sunshine
Reaches no mortal.
There is a portal uncrossed.

And its brightness
Cannot be seen through time lost.

And we can only judge by our feelings,
Not what hindered sight allows.
A secret heart of wishings and dreamings
Brings our lives together now.

My love is
Deeper than oceans,
More than a notion passing.

Death will take us.
But love is everlasting

And no one can know of my love.
I'm gazing at you from above.
Far above the earth and sky,
You'll never see the tears I cry.

From 2:29 to 3:07 - no singing

From 3:07 to 4:28:

In dreams, I'll
Love you forever,
Knowing you'll never leave me.

I have loved you
Longer than anyone can see.

If only dreams could linger in daytime,
You would always be my own.
But I can only live when the stars shine,
Wishing you were mine to hold.

I feel you,
Standing beside me,
But deep inside my heart cries.

Now I'm buried
Deep within secrets and lies.

(петь на мотив "Сквозь Звезды")




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